Soc Sònia Eixea, dissenyadora gràfica afincada al Berguedà. He estudiat Disseny Gràfic a la Llotja, després de 4 anys de Publicitat a Castelló i Barcelona.

Actualment treballo com a freelance, per diferents clients, centrant-me sobretot amb identitat i disseny web. Sóc una persona autodidacta i molt inquieta, col·laboro amb Pepa's Party i sóc co-fundadora de Le Petit Cahier, amb la meva sòcia Luiza Palma.


I am Sonia Eixea, a graphic designer settled in the lovely and forested region of Berguedà. I studied Graphic Design at La Llotja School of art and Design (Picasso also studied there), and I previously studied 4 years of Advertising in Castellón and Barcelona.

I currently work as a freelancer for different clients, especially focusing on brand identity and web design. I am a self-taught creative, curious and restless. I collaborate with Pepa's Party and I am co-founder of Le Petit Cahier with my partner Luiza Palma.

I love pineapples, pine cones and everything related with nature...and I would love to hear from you!


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